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RBR Mobile Auto Care LLC is your only choice for complete detailing solutions and complete auto care around Edmond, Oklahoma. With years of experience, we deliver unrivalled services and customer care with the utmost attention to detail and professionalism. Out ream of detailers and car experts are well equipped with the latest tools and cleaning agents that are proven effective and eco-friendly. Not only that, but our experience also has helped us expand our knowledge and skills to tackle other transport options as well. This includes trailers, motorcycles, boats or aircrafts.

We are known for the traditional external wash, but we also specialize in other services as well. This includes interior detailing, wheels and tire cleaning, headlight restoration, polishing, leather cleaning, PlastiDip wheels and trim, and mobile window tinting (the latter applies to auto, Commercial, and Residential functions).


Our Best Offers

While we may not be the only company providing detailing and auto care services in Edmond, we definitely have one of, if not the best offers around. We’ve developed our packages based on what our clients expect, and make sure to deliver them with the utmost attention to detail without compromising your budget. While other detailing companies in Edmond also deliver the same type of services as we do, we take pride in the fact that our prices and professionalism cannot be beaten.

Our Services Include


We use 100% Waterless Car Wash that heavily saturates a panel and carefully wipes any dirt or road grime off to a dry shine.


Get a 100% Waterless Car Wash Detail Service and an Engine Wash and Treatment that removes the gunk formed by dirt, oil, and grease.


100% Waterless Car Wash Full Detail Service that includes heavy Engine Wash and an additional Treatment to completely remove gunk in every corner.


We use the best Exterior Buffer polisher to help us skillfully remove any minor scratches and provide seamless paint correction that shines.


We offer a separate full exterior water-less car wash cleaning service done by hand for an affordable price at a guaranteed quality service. 


An Auto Detailing Clay Bar is an engineered resin compound used to remove contaminants from the surface of your car's paint, glass, fiberglass, and metal.


We know the importance of maintaining a clean exterior as well as a clean interior that defines your vehicle. It also supports the longevity of your vehicle. This is why with the biweekly car wash services we offer, we keep them looking newer for longer.


With our top of the line car wash products, your car can keep its healthy glow for weeks. Generally speaking, experts consider 1 car wash a month is sufficient, with top to bottom, exterior and interior, thorough cleaning, and squeezing in a seasonal waxing.


Reduce Health Risks – Exposure to the sun is known to cause potential health risks to the eyes and skin. By blocking 99% of UV light, window film will also act as a “sunscreen” to protect from the harmful effects of the sun.


We use CC-150 Coatings that last 3 years for only $800.00 and $400.00 for a coating that lasts for a year and both services come with full paint correction and interior detail.

Why Choose Us

We believe that our clients’ needs should come first. That’s why we take it upon ourselves to provide detailing and car care services that goes above and beyond their normal expectations. We always strive to give our clients a level of satisfaction that’s unrivalled by other detailing companies in Edmond. And with rates that are as competitive as our services, we ensure that our clients are left more than happy whenever they choose us for detailing services.


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Client Reviews

We like to think that we provide outstanding detailing services in Edmond, but claiming is totally different from actually delivering. So, we’re letting our past and recurring clients speak for the quality of our detailing services. Check out what they have to say so you can better understand what‘s in store for you when you partner with us.


RBR Mobile Auto Care LLC

is your only choice for a Complete Care for Auto, Motorcycle, Boat or Aircraft. We also offer special services for Trailers, that is ECO friendly!

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Choose RBR Mobile Auto Care LLC for all your detailing and auto care needs. We provide individual and complete care packages for your vehicle, whether it’s cars, sedans, trucks, trailers, boats, or even airplanes. Give us a call today at 949-310-9045 or send us an email through the contact form provided for you down below. We are more than willing to assist you with your questions and help you book an appointment with us.

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